Protect your people with legal and identity protection benefitsProtect your people with legal and identity protection benefits
Protect your people with legal and identity protection benefits
Be a solution to your employees' need for legal and identity protection.
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Improve and empower the lives of your employees

Employees are financially stressed and unprepared for sudden expenses. When they are dealing with personal finances in the workplace, they lose productivity and your company loses money. Through our LegalShield mobile app, we place a law firm in the palm of every member’s hand. We constructively disrupt the barriers that keep citizens from using legal services through our innovative mobile apps and exclusive network of law firms.

With the touch of one button, you can speak with a lawyer on any issue and receive advice and consultation. If necessary, a letter or call will be made by your lawyer on your behalf. Document reviews, speeding ticket protection and preparation of a Last Will and Testament are some of our most common services.

Our Privacy Management Services leverage the IDShield mobile app and certified Licensed Private Investigators to comprehensively protect members’ personal data. In a world full of impersonal threats, we believe that everyone has the right to thrive without disruptions rather than adapting to whatever life brings.

We've taken our platform for identity protection, monitoring and restoration and expanded it to offer comprehensive privacy management services - helping people navigate the privacy and reputational pitfalls that exist online.

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Unlimited Consultation
Members can speak with an attorney on an unlimited number of personal legal issues to get legal advice.
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Trial Defense
The attorney can defend members at trial and represent them in a variety of other legal proceedings.
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Document Review
The attorney can review and provide feedback on an unlimited number of personal legal documents.
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Available 24/7
Attorneys return calls within 4 hours or less and are available 24/7 for emergency situations.
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25% Discounts
Everything is covered one way or another. Certain complicated situations may require additional legal services which are provided at a generous 25% discount.
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Make A Will
Members get an attorney drafted Standard Will, Living Will and Power of Attorney plus yearly updates.
We’ve got your people covered
IDShield monitors member’s credit reports and provides instant alerts about any changes related to 12 key elements of identity theft and fraudulent activity. We offer both one bureau and three bureau monitoring plans. A member can select to protect themselves and their entire family.
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Credit Bureau Monitoring
The membership dashboard includes a monthly credit score tracker as well as a yearly credit score report to help members keep on top of their credit rating. They’ll also get insights into their score and what they can do to increase it.
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Social Security Number
IDShield uses a member’s Social Security Number to monitor a large variety of potential areas of fraud. Our system will alert the member as soon as it finds anything suspicious and our licensed private investigators can run advanced SSN Skip Trace searches to uncover hidden theft and fraud.
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Dark Web Monitoring
IDShield uses intelligent analytics to continuously monitor the dark web. The dark web includes black market websites where criminals purchase stolen information to apply for credit cards, steal bank funds and a variety of other nefarious activities.
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Social Media Scanning
IDShield monitors member’s social media accounts for ID theft and reputational risks. Our scans analyze Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram pictures, posts and comments for foul language, drug references or other bits of information that could damage a reputation.
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Unlimited Consultation
Members can speak with an identity theft specialist to get advice about any theft or fraud concerns. There is NO LIMIT. You get as much consultation time as you need. No competitor offers this benefit.
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Delete Data Brokers
Data Brokers, like Spokeo and the Whitepages, collect personal information, package it up and sell it without permission. Our team can assist members with getting their personal information deleted from the top brokers databases to further increase their privacy and safety.
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Our History
LegalShield has been providing affordable legal access for all for over 45 years.
Have questions?
Your LegalShield Associate can help you find the product that’s right for you!
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I had a lost/stolen wallet. IDShield took all actions necessary to help me take care of the situation. I can sleep wonderfully knowing my personal information is protected. Thanks for taking care of us! Loved the experience.
Stuart F., Georgia Member
Testimonials are from LegalShield members who may also be LegalShield independent associates. An associate is an independent contractor. The outcome and experience of any individual member will vary dependent on the facts and applicable law.

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