Building a Business? Build Your Team for Bigger Success!
July 2024
Building a Business? Build Your Team for Bigger Success!

At LegalShield, we want to help you succeed in your business goals. We also want to see you thrive in your professional relationships. That’s why we continually emphasize the importance of building a team! Life isn’t fun when you go through it alone, so why would you try to run a business alone? We give you the tools that you need to connect with others, introduce them to the LegalShield opportunity, and create a diverse team of people who are just as passionate about our purpose as you are.

What is our purpose, you ask? It’s simple: To provide the equal, affordable access to legal assistance and identity theft protection and restoration that every person deserves. We level the legal playing field by giving LegalShield Members access to entire provider law firms in their state. And with IDShield, members can rely on monitoring and alerts to help keep their private info safe. If identity theft does occur, licensed private investigators will assist to restore IDShield Members’ identities to their pre-theft status.

We make these essential protection and restoration services available to the public with the help of LegalShield Independent Associates. That’s where you come in!

We offer motivated individuals a unique program designed to help you succeed. Over the last 50 years, people from every walk of life have joined our community and its mission to empower and protect. Are you ready to level up your life and take your team with you?

Here’s how the LegalShield opportunity works:

· You sell LegalShield and IDShield plans and earn a commission on every plan sold. Your commission rate increases as you reach higher levels of sales.

· Bring more associates onto your team! As they begin selling plans, you earn override commissions on every plan your team sells.

· When a member renews a plan that you or your team sold them, you earn residual income every month while that membership remains active.

· Our Performance Club pays you and your team additional cash bonuses, travel rewards and other prizes when you and your team sell certain numbers of memberships and meets the qualification criteria during given time periods.

As you can see, the LegalShield opportunity is best realized when you have a team to grow along with you. It isn’t hard to introduce people either. Mention your new business at family dinner, strike up conversations at the gym or the coffee shop, or reconnect with old friends. The more people you tell about your LegalShield venture, the more potential team members you can add to your business.

Give your friends, family, and acquaintances the chance they deserve to become part of a team of people who are passionate about making a living while making a difference! Find out more today about how you can join our mission of protecting and empowering millions of people.

This information is for use by Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. (“PPLSI”), its affiliates and its independent associates. Do not duplicate or disseminate without express, written permission from PPLSI. No guarantee or promise of increased income or business is implied. Individual results and success as an independent sales associate depends on individual effort and abilities. These experiences are specific to each independent associate’s efforts, abilities, and motivation. For statistics on actual earnings please review the Income Disclosure Statement at wearelegalshield.com/income-disclosure.