Get Affordable Legal Advice from a Trusted Estate Planning Attorney
Estate planning can be confusing and costly. A legal plan from LegalShield provides access to experienced lawyers at an affordable price. Our personal legal plan lets you get consultation and assistance from a provider law firm, and even includes having that firm draft your Last Will & Testament, Living Will and Power of Attorney at no additional cost. Our most popular family plan is just $29.95/month and covers you, your spouse and your children.
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Clear up any confusion around Estate Planning
Estate planning goes beyond having a basic Will. For example, a Living Will allows you to address life-sustaining treatment decisions and allows you to make your wishes known regarding end-of-life decisions when you are unable to do so. The first step is to figure out exactly what elements your plan should contain. Here is a list of the most common documents.
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    Last Will & Testament
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    Advance Directive or Living Will
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    Financial Power of Attorney
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    Healthcare Power of Attorney
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Get an Estate Plan without the hassle
You can download and wrestle with online forms by yourself or you can pay a small monthly fee for a LegalShield membership and have a provider lawyer create the documents for you. It’s far less stressful.
  • All LegalShield personal legal plans include a lawyer-drafted Will, Living Will and Power of Attorney prepared by your provider lawyer.
  • If you have existing documents, your lawyer can review them and provide feedback.
  • Need additional estate planning? You can work with your provider lawyer for 25% off their standard hourly rates.
Anyway you slice it, working with your provider lawyer when you have a LegalShield Personal Legal Plan, can save you both time and money to create an Estate Plan. Also, you’ll rest easy knowing that your documents were created by your provider lawyer.
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A worry free way to keep your documents up-to-date
One of the few things you can count on is that life is always changing. With a LegalShield membership, your estate plan can keep pace.
  • As long as you’re a member, you are entitled to have your provider lawyer review your basic estate planning documents including your Will, Living Will, and Power of Attorney and update them once each membership year.
  • If you have questions about your Estate Plan (or any other personal legal issue) you can call your provider lawyer for advice and consultation on an unlimited number of personal legal matters.
  • Should you need your provider lawyer to write letters or make phone calls on your behalf related to any personal legal issue, it’s included in your membership.
You've given excellent service with kindness and empathy for what my family is currently having to deal with. In times of heartache, the service was very helpful and the firm was extremely compassionate. Thank you.
Kimberly, Arizona Member
Testimonials are from LegalShield members who may also be LegalShield independent associates. An associate is an independent contractor. The outcome and experience of any individual member will vary dependent on the facts and applicable law.
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